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Fedora 13 ARM – Beta3 Release May 12, 2011

Posted by Paul Whalen in ARM, Koji.
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We are pleased to announce the release of Fedora 13 ARM Beta3. This release includes additional software not found in Beta2, most notably Abiword for your word processing needs. Unfortunately at this time we are not able to offer OpenOffice due to some issues with java packages ( java experts we could use your help! ).

A new root file system compose is available for download – rootfs-f13-beta3-2011-05-10.tar.bz2

The latest repository – http://arm.koji.fedoraproject.org/mash/beta/f13-arm-2011-05-10/f13-arm/arm/os/

We are again asking for feedback as we prepare for a final compose of Fedora 13 for ARM, and put all our efforts behind Fedora 14. Feedback can be forward to us via the mailing list – arm@lists.fedoraproject.org.

On May 2nd we welcomed three additional members to the Fedora ARM Team – Salman Zafar, Anthony Boccia and Jon Chiappetta. Check out their blogs for additional information about Fedora ARM.



1. flyer - May 12, 2011

Great news ! I have an unconfirmed information that Toshiba plans to make a competition for Linux Powah Users to make a Linux System for Toshiba AC100 – great and cheap netbook with arm stuff inside. I am looking for best base for future work (Debian,Ubuntu,Gentoo and Fedora are my main candidates) and your work will be very usefull – especially if ARM will be a future (i hope so).

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