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Fedora 13 ARM Beta Release February 23, 2011

Posted by Paul Whalen in ARM, Koji.
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The Fedora 13 ARM Beta is now available for download. There are still a number of packages that haven’t been built for ARM due to build failures or missing dependencies. Because we’re a little behind the primary architectures we have the ability to look at later releases to see if these failures have been fixed – thankfully a large number include support for ARM. Because of this we expect that with Fedora 14 and 15 we will be closer in line with the primary architectures.

A new root file system is available for download here. The password for the root account is “fedoraarm”. Instructions for using the root file system can be found here.

The Fedora 13 ARM repository is temporarily located at – http://arm.koji.fedoraproject.org/mash/beta/f13-arm-2011-02-21/f13-arm/arm/os/

Comparison list of packages found in Fedora 13 and whether or not it has been built on ARM.

The Fedora 13 ARM Beta release notes.

We will now be working to get the remaining packages in Fedora 13 built, then move on to updates and Fedora 14.



1. luzem - February 23, 2011

good job

2. Niels de Vos - February 23, 2011

Thanks for posting this! Note that the ‘Comparison list’ has a broken link.

Paul Whalen - February 23, 2011

Fixed! Thanks

3. elemc - February 24, 2011

Paul is a very good news.

4. Hedayat - February 24, 2011

Great work. I’ll have a look at Fedora ARM next time I happened to work on ARM.

5. ken - February 28, 2011

Would u know if Freescale i.MX515 ARM Cortex A8 is supported?

6. Running the Fedora ARM beta on qemu-linaro – Seabright Technology - March 1, 2011

[…] Fedora ARM project have done a release of beta 1 of Fedora 13 for ARM. Chris Taylor has instructions for trying it out under Fedora, so I thought I’d give […]

7. Luc De Meyer - March 7, 2011

Thanks. I got it running (using the fake-pathc) but text mode only. Samba fine. startx gives /dev/fb0 not found. I cannot seem to get any graphical mode working in the VM. I installed gdm, lxde, but still no good. Also yum grouplist is not working. Any pointers or am I just a bit too soon and is this still work in progress? Can I help improving documentation perhaps?

8. Jeff Bastian - March 25, 2011

Where are the kernel modules?

My QEMU virtual machine gets an error while booting:
Starting udev: modprobe: FATAL: Could not load /lib/modules/2.6.24-rc7/modules.dep: No such file or directory

I downloaded the F13 rootfs image from the link above, and I downloaded the zImage-versatile-2.6.24-rc7.armv5tel kernel from http://ftp.linux.org.uk/pub/linux/arm/fedora/qemu/ as mentioned on the Fedora page, but there are no modules for this kernel in the rootfs image, and I don’t see them on the ftp site.

Do I have to build the kernel from source to get the modules?


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