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Fedora ARM update December 6, 2010

Posted by Paul Whalen in ARM, Koji.
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Thanks very much to all that assisted us in getting glibc built for ARM, most importantly a big thank you to rmattes for submitting the successful build of glibc-2.12-3. In order for glibc to be built we had to make a number of changes to gcc as outlined here. These changes add -fno-stack-protector to libgcc build options.

Since glibc was built we’re been plugging forward with build-previous, building the previous versions of packages found in Fedora 13 and over coming any circular dependencies as they arise. During the last run of build-previous only a few new packages were built successfully and the resulting failures in quite a few cases should be resolved when the current version of the package is built.

So we’re now on to Koji-shadow. As package problems are exposed we will have a list for those that are interested in helping out which will be sent out to the Fedora-ARM mailing list, on my blog and on the Fedora ARM status page. On the status page you can also find logs for the most recent runs of build-previous, koji-shadow and koji-compare.



1. Chris Donnelly - January 7, 2011

Hi Paul,
I am not at all savvy with low level linux stuff but am tryinig to install a VOIP endpoint sniffer on a GuruPlug. This app requires glibc to run but I don’t know really where to start – could you post / email how you got glibc installed on your GuruPlus ?

Many thanks..


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