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Fedora ARM Update September 16, 2010

Posted by Paul Whalen in ARM, Koji.
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Apologies my posts have been sporadic at best. We’ve been trying hard to get Fedora 13 built prior to the release of F14 in November, but have hit a number of roadblocks along the way. I’m trying to commit to at least one blog post a week updating the status of the Fedora ARM, mentioning current problems slowing us down and to provide an idea of how long till we’re able to produce something people can test.
On the hardware side. We have been assured once again that our remaining builders will be arriving sometime next week. We’re expecting an additional 2 SheevaPlugs and 16 GuruPlug Server Plus. We have already received a BeagleBoard XM but have yet to get Fedora up and running, this should change in the next day or so and the XM will be added to our pool of builders.
Dennis Gilmore came to visit us here in Toronto on August 25th-27th. Dennis was here to assist us in planning the next steps for Fedora ARM in the immediate future, but to also discuss long terms plans including support for newer ARM processors.
We have completed our first successful run of ‘build-previous’. The ‘build-previous’ script queries the primary Koji server instance to find out the NVR of each package that shipped with Fedora 13, then downloads the previous version and submits it to Koji to build on ARM. During this first pass our queue sky-rocketed to roughly 1300 packages waiting to be built, and took roughly 9 days to complete. The result left us with more successful builds with a total of 7744 packages built, out of the roughly 16,000 in F13. So we’ve got a long way to go still.
We’ve made some minor changes to the hardware here. For testing purposes we have two of our GuruPlugs using eSATA drives rather then SD. The majority of our builders are using a microSD card for the root file system, with additional storage and swap space via NFS. The change to eSATA increased the performance significantly, but also increases our costs with each builder requiring their own external drive and enclosure.
Before our next execution of build previous we are attempting to build glibc on ARM, which requires some edits to the existing spec file and the inclusion of the ports tarball found in the more recent releases of glibc. At present our attempts have been unsuccessful. If anyone is able to assist us, your help would be greatly appreciated. We’re trying to build ‘glibc-2.12-3.src.rpm’ in particular. The ARM Koji is available for use by all with a FAS account and can be found at http://arm.koji.fedoraproject.org.



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