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Update – Fedora Arm Koji August 19, 2010

Posted by Paul Whalen in ARM, Koji.
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We’ve been working at importing the remaining Fedora 13 packages into the ARM Koji, but have suffered a number of set backs including some issues with circular dependencies as mentioned in my previous blog. We have a total of six full time builders so the building is going very slow. Gcc alone took approximately 52 hours to complete. In order for us to build gcc on ARM we had to modify the spec file and make a few changes provided by the previous ARM Koji as well as a few of our own, these changes will be committed upstream to ensure gcc will build on ARM in the future.

Currently we have a modified version of the build-previous.py script written by Dennis Gilmore importing packages into the ARM Koji. We have just under 5000 completed builds, and a growing queue of roughly 700 packages waiting to built. The modification made to the script includes checking for dependencies of a given package to reduce build attempts for packages that will not complete on the first pass due to missing deps. Each subsequent pass should build more and more packages until F13 is completed. Noarch packages are also being directly imported rather then building again, in attempt to speed up this process. We’ve been waiting on the arrival of our additional 20 GuruPlug Server Plus builders which will also make this less painful in the future. Globalscale assures us they should be arriving within a few weeks. We shall see.

Our builders have been crashing for reasons unknown to us. Most likely thermal issues already identified with the GuruPlug, so we are going to also experiment with additional cooling. The ‘server farm’ will also be moved into a supply closet that is very cool so hopefully this also helps to reduce the temperatures while we punish these little computers with our mass rpm assaults.

We have arranged to have Dennis Gilmore visit us here in Toronto next week to assist us moving forward with the ARM Koji (thank you very very much for your continued help, Dennis ).

We’re also hoping to track down a script that checks the repository for broken dependencies while we build, however we haven’t been successful at the time of this posting. If anyone can assist with this it would be greatly appreciated.



1. Leif - August 19, 2010

Very much looking forward to this. I’ve been delaying buying a guru plug for two reasons:

1. the heat issue
2. lack of a Fedora ARM release

This will at least resolve one issue!

2. Jef Spaleta - August 20, 2010

the heat issue is a serious design problem. Please inform us with what works for you as a final workaround.


3. sean - September 9, 2010

Just out of curiousity… why aren’t you virtualizing using the qemu-arm (there is already a fedora qemu image for arm) and then you can use a heftier x86 cpu for the heavy lifting and rough quality assurances, then bring the packages over to the real hardware for quality assurance and fine tuning, etc.

Paul Whalen - September 14, 2010

We did some initial tests using qemu emulation and our results showed the builds took substantially longer then on the actual hardware.

4. anon - December 15, 2010

I’m also waiting for Fedora support before I buy one :/

5. sean - December 16, 2010

A lot of F13 is done. thanks to Paul. It might be enough to get started with a small working image.

QEMU is a dog compared to the real hardware. like it was 5 times faster to compile the kernel on the real hardware even using nfs3.

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