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Fedora ARM Build System – First Koji breakage August 3, 2010

Posted by Paul Whalen in ARM, Koji.
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Experienced my first breakage of Koji this past weekend due to a build of db4-4.8.24-1.fc13. It created dependency issues with rpm, perl, pam and cyrus-sasl. As a result mock was unable to initiate the build root, thus bringing the ARM Koji to a stand still. To correct this issue I attempted to rebuild the packages manually using mock, using newer versions of the packages, however there were still dependency issues with db4-4.7. This seemed to be an endless loop until compat-db was brought to my attention. This binary provides compatibility with the older versions of db4 and breaks dependency loop, allowing us to move forward and continue building packages.

Currently our list of packages that require patching has been actioned and Bugzilla tickets are soon to follow. Some of the packages have dependency issues that need to be resolved first to ensure they build on ARM, while others were patched without issue on all platforms. Again this list will grow substantially as more builds are attempted, so those looking to help out, your contributions would be greatly appreciated.



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