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Fedora ARM Build System Status Update July 9, 2010

Posted by Paul Whalen in ARM, Koji.
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Koji Builders

OLPC announced earlier this week that Fedora 11 would be the operating system in their XO-1 release, and their intention to use Fedora in subsequent releases in the future.
In light of this announcement I wanted to provide an update on the status of the Koji Build System for the ARM architecture. In terms of builders we currently have a total of 5 GuruPlug Server Plus, 1 SheevaPlug and an OpenRD connected locally as well as 5 additional remote builders being provided by the folks at One Laptop Per Child and Marvell. The OpenRD and Sheeva are plugged into a Gigabit Switch and the GuruPlugs are connected to a 10/100 switch (due to an overheating issue with the hardware). We have ordered more builders however they will not be arriving for another month.
We have imported approximately 3000 ARM built packages provided by the previous Koji instance and are in the process of building the remaining packages for Fedora 13. We have compiled a list of 44 packages that were patched for Fedora 12 but not commited to upstream. The first step will be to patch the Fedora 13 version of the package, make sure that the source will build successfully on ARM, then verify it still builds on the primary architectures with the patch applied. Once completed a Bugzilla ticket will be filed to notify the package maintainer, asking them to accept the changes made and submit to CVS. Due to time constraints we will wait for 3 days to ensure there is no objection from the package maintainer and providing them time to submit to CVS themselves, if no response or action takes place it will be submitted to CVS.

Due to an outage on the Fedora Koji this weekend, those Fedora users who would like to test packages, please feel free to use ours! Currently the ARM Koji is functional and Fedora users can use their FAS credentials to sign in and submit packages to be built for ARM. The web interface can be found here



1. Lorenzo - July 10, 2010

Now that’s a good news! I have a SheevaPlug with Fedora 12 installed on it but due to recent changes with the build farm. Seeing no updates on this front made me fear that I had to switch to something else (which means Debian, *sigh*).

But it seems that things are moving again, good to know!

2. Ashcrow - July 10, 2010

Very cool! I have a GuruPlug myself but have not done much with it yet. What instructions did you use for getting Fedora on it? Most of the instructions I’ve seen have quite a bit of voodoo and hoping involved.

3. Jon Pritchard - July 10, 2010

I really want a Sheeva Plug, but I’ve been buying too much technology recently. The more ARM packages built the better. Hoping somebody will step up to get Fedora working on the Open Pandora console.

4. Peter - July 11, 2010

I’m not sure the list of patched packages you provide is accurate or in all cases still required. I maintain bickley (which was patched upstream), clutter-gtk and mutter and I’m pretty sure they all compile currently on ARM (although the last two are probably not worth it with the lack of open 3D drivers for the ARM platform!).

Paul Whalen - July 14, 2010

Oh great, thanks for letting me know. The list is perhaps a little outdated and basically a starting point for us.

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