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Importing SRPM’s and RPM’s into Koji June 25, 2010

Posted by Paul Whalen in Uncategorized.

In order to get our instance of Koji up and running we need to import packages already built on ARM. The first step is to look at the packages that are in Fedora 13, that were also in Fedora 12. This can be done by looking at the package list in Fedora 13 found here, and including only rpms ending in ‘fc12.src.rpm’ and ‘fc11.src.rpm’. Once that list is compiled, it was then checked against the list of existing packages built on ARM, making sure the version number also matched. The list of packages ended up being 3024/9157.
Both the source and binary rpms were available on our local repo so importing them into Koji was a simple process. A short script was created to go through the list and import both the source and binary rpm packages.
while read line
echo 'importing' $line
koji import /var/www/html/yum/base/12/arm/$line*.rpm /var/www/html/yum/source/12/arm/$line*.rpm
done < package.lst

Once all the packages are imported, to tag them all in Koji enter the following command:
koji list-untagged | xargs -n 1 koji call tagBuildBypass dist-f13

This tags all untagged packages as dist-f13.



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