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Koji Daemon – Builder – Enabled, but not Ready April 14, 2010

Posted by Paul Whalen in ARM, Koji.

After setting up the Koji Hub the next step was to get some of the builders on-line. Running the command:
[root@fedora-arm ~]#yum install koji-builder

Then editing the ‘/etc/kojid/kojid.conf’ to reflect our set up on Hong Kong:
; The URL for the xmlrpc server
; the username has to be the same as what you used with add-host
; in this example follow as below
user = arm-001-007

The user name section was not present, so the lines were taken from the example provided at Fedora.
Also in the the ”/etc/kojid/kojid.conf uncomment the following lines and edit according to the the name of the certificate created for the specific builder:
;configuration for SSL authentication
;client certificate
cert = /etc/kojid/arm-001-007.pem
;certificate of the CA that issued the client certificate
ca = /etc/kojid/koji_ca_cert.crt
;certificate of the CA that issued the HTTP server certificate
serverca = /etc/kojid/koji_ca_cert.crt

The certificates mentioned must be scp’d from the directory on Hong Kong ‘/etc/pki/koji’.
The first few machines will also be added to the create repo channel to handle repo creation as required by Kojira. Builders are added to the ‘default’ channel upon creation. Channels are used as a method to control which builders perform certain tasks.
[kojiadmin@hongkong arm]$ koji add-host-to-channel arm-001-007 createrepo

Before starting kojid on the builder make sure it has been added to the Koji database or there will be a permission issue. The command to add a builder to Koji is
[kojiadmin@hongkong arm]$ koji add-host arm-001-007 arm

If in error kojid was started prior to the addition in the db simply remove the created session from the sessions table, then the user from the user table in postgresql.
The kojid daemon was then started with:
/sbin/service kojid start

At this point the created builder was enabled but not ready. After checking the hub for configurations issues none could be found. Looking at the logs on the builder the error reported was insufficient disk space. The disk had 3.2G available but for some reason Koji was asking for another 8G. Shutting down the vm, the following commands were used to resize, adding an additional 10G.
dd if=/dev/zero bs=1M count=10000 >> rootfs-arm-f12-007
e2fsck -f rootfs-arm-f12-007
resize2fs -p rootfs-arm-f12-007

Once completed the vm was restarted and after checking was enabled and ready.



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