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Mock Testing using ARM QEMU emulation March 22, 2010

Posted by Paul Whalen in ARM.

Now to test ‘mock’ on the ARM emulated machines. First I installed mock on the VM (arm-001-007) then ran it on the following packages:

virtuoso-opensource-6.1.0-2.fc12.src.rpm – 67M – 136m52.294s

eclipse-nls-3.5.0.v20090620043401-2.fc12.src.rpm – 78M – 83m28.222s

python-basemap-data-0.99.4-1.fc12.src.rpm – 103M – 20m38.734s

oxygen-icon-theme-4.4.1-1.fc12.src.rpm – 128M – 15m41.389s

vegastrike-music-0.5.0-4.src.rpm – 156M – 23m7.347s

wesnoth-1.7.13-1.fc13.src.rpm – 265M – Did not complete – missing dependencies.

vegastrike-data-0.5.0-5.src.rpm – 309M – Did not complete – missing dependencies.

A complete list of packages assigned to each user, mock test times as well as links to the resulting RPM can be found here: http://zenit.senecac.on.ca/wiki/index.php/Fedora_ARM_Secondary_Architecture/Initial_Mock_Compilation_Tests.



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