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Creating a Snort Package for use with Fedora 12 (default spec file) February 9, 2010

Posted by Paul Whalen in Uncategorized.

First we need to create a packaging environment. I downloaded rpm-build, rpmdevtools, rpmlint using the ‘yum’ command. Then used the “rpmdev-setuptree” command to set up the packaging environment which created a new folder in my working directory called ‘rpmbuild’ which contained the folders ‘BUILD’ ,  ‘RPMS ‘ , ‘SOURCES’ ,  ‘SPECS’ and  ‘SRPMS’. Then using the command ‘yumdownloader –source snort’ I downloaded ‘snort-’,  the source package for Snort. I then ran the command ‘rpm -i snort-’.

Moving to the rpmbuild directory I now find in the ‘SOURCES’ folder the files ‘snort-’, ‘ snortd’ and ‘ sysconfig.snort’. And in the  SPEC folder there is now a file ‘snort.spec’.

Now to rebuild. I ran the command ‘rpmbuild –rebuild snort-’ but received ‘Failed build dependencies’ errors with a list of packages. Installing the needed packages I ran the command again and this time was successful. The default spec file creates 10 different rpms and include snort compiled with different configuration options.

Next I will be creating my own Snort spec file and posting the results.



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