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Installing from Source – Nled, Apache (httpd-2.2.14) and Snort( – And the dreaded Norwalk Virus January 31, 2010

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It’s been a while since I posted and for that I apologize. I was extremely ill with the Norwalk Virus. If you’ve had it, you will never forget the name and the loss of weight, time and energy.

I have been experimenting with installing software from source code and decided to use a couple of programs most of you are somewhat familiar with – Nled (Nifty Little Editor), Apache web server and Snort. Nled is a simple text editor created by Evan Weaver is who is part of the faculty at Seneca@york, which as a fan of vi I haven’t used much but it seems to have it’s supporters. Apache is the most popular web server and you have no doubt some experience with and Snort is an intrusion detection system (IDS) used to monitor network traffic and behaviour to detect unusual activity that could lead to an attack.

First – Nled. I obtained the source code for the editor from http://cdot.senecac.on.ca/software/nled/, and untarred the package. I then used the make command. Almost immediately I received an error: ncurses.h no such file or directory. Using ‘yum search ncurses.h’ I found the packages that contained the file, installing –  ncurses-devel.i686 , which contained development files for the ncurses library. I then tried make again and was successful. Now on the other software.

Second I attempted Snort. Snort is an IDS that I have been experimenting with as a means of detecting unauthorized access to my network server. I obtained the tarball from the snort website – http://www.snort.org/downloads/ and untarred the package. From within the directory I used the ‘./configure’ command. Another error :

ERROR!  Libpcap library/headers (libpcap.a (or .so)/pcap.h)
not found, go get it from http://www.tcpdump.org
or use the –with-libpcap-* options, if you have it installed
in unusual place.  Also check if your libpcap depends on another
shared library that may be installed in an unusual place

I know I have libpcap installed. I then search for all the other packages with libpcap – ‘yum search libpcap’ and find the ‘libpcap-devel.i686 14:1.0.0-4.20090922gite154e2.fc12’, and use yum to install. Running configure again I recieved this error:

ERROR!  Libpcre header not found.
Get it from http://www.pcre.org

I again used ‘yum search pcre’ to determine what needs to be installed and determine I needed ‘pcre-devel.i686 0:7.8-3.fc12’, using yum I installed this package and upon running ‘./configure’ I am now successful! Moving on I ran ‘make’ and was successful, and ‘make install’ and was successful yet again, on a roll.

Finally – Apache. I obtained the source code from http://httpd.apache.org/download.cgi and extracted the tarball. I then ran ‘./configure’, make and finally ‘make install’ with no errors.



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